About our work

The Contemplative Consciousness Network seeks to bring together Contemplative Practices with the Scientific Study of Consciousness, especially from a first person perspective. We hope to show how this contributes to human well-being, happiness, peace and contentment.

“Humanity is on a trajectory of self-destruction, and since the human genome changes only one half of one per cent every million years, it is impossible for us to evolve rapidly enough biologically to adapt to the environment we are shaping. For the sake of our survival, let alone our flourishing as a species, we must now evolve spiritually through the cultivation of wisdom and insight into our own nature and our relation to the world around us.” B Alan Wallace

Buddhism and science

The potential of the interface between Buddhism and science is that Buddhists may encourage scientists to question their materialistic assumptions and incorporate sophisticated systems of contemplative inquiry within the scientific community. This may give rise to the first true revolution in the mind sciences, which is bound to have profound repercussions for the rest of science and humanity at large. Likewise, scientists may encourage Buddhists to question their own assumptions, to revitalize their own traditions of contemplative inquiry, and to integrate them with the empirical methods of modern science. In short, Buddhists and scientists may help each other in overcoming their tendencies to dogmatism and replace this with a fresh and open-minded spirit of empiricism.

European Mind Centre

The European Mind Centre will be a place for serious meditators to undertake long-term retreat in a beautiful and serene environment. It will also be a place where people from both secular and religious traditions can come for short-term retreats in a non-sectarian contemplative environment. It will be linked to a network of contemplative observatories around the world, arising from the work and vision of Dr B. Alan Wallace. The heart of this network is the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies in California, USA.

In the following video, Dr Wallace explains our vision of a network of Contemplative Observatories and Mind Centres around the world.